Meghan Hennesy

Meghan Hennesy

Running for seat inside of township

About Meghan

Six years ago, my husband and I decided to move from Colorado to East Central Illinois. After looking around the area for a school to send our two boys to, we settled on Mahomet-Seymour because of its excellent reputation.

Like most parents, we believe that a quality education will open up doors for our children. We want our sons to receive a foundation to build on, to be in a supportive environment and to be challenged so that they grow up knowing the rewards hard work brings.

If you have older students, you may already know me. I have been a member of the Mahomet-Seymour PTO for many years, serving as Treasurer for three years and President for one year. Your children most likely know me as the “Dawg Walk Lady,” as I was involved with that fundraiser for all four years I was on the PTO. Others may know me from my work on the Sangamon Valley Water District Board. When we moved to Mahomet, I wanted to contribute in some way. Getting involved with both of these organizations has allowed me to meet a lot of people, but also provided me with a way to reflect what our community wants and needs.

I would like to continue that work as a member of the Mahomet-Seymour School Board. The work I’ve done in both the private and public sector has allowed me to gain a background in process development, integration and efficiencies with an emphasis on technology and communication.

In April, you will have the opportunity to vote in the Mahomet-Seymour School Board elections. Four of the seven seats are open. I believe that this is an opportunity to elect candidates who will reflect the values that we as Mahomet-Seymour constituents are drawn to.

For Education

I believe we have opportunities for growth and development.  We all know that kids are all different.  They all come to school with unique circumstances, brilliant ideas, different learning styles and a need to be loved.  We need to equip our teachers and our classrooms with the tools and resources that are going to best help them reach our students.

For Communication

I believe that as a school board member I have a duty to represent the needs and thoughts of three major groups:  students, teachers and parents.  As a school board member, I will work to improve how we gather and talk to these groups to ensure that we are appropriately serving the needs of our kids while they are in the care of the district.

For Process

With a background in process development, integration and efficiencies, I believe that I can be a valuable asset as we roll out new programs and initiatives within the Mahomet-Seymour School District.  Sometimes school districts are mandated to meet state requirements, and other times, they are implementing programs that are specific to their community and students; but all initiatives are wasted when there is not a process behind them.  I look forward to providing oversight as a school board member.

For Community

Like many of you, I feel grateful to be a part of such a wonderful Mahomet-Seymour community.  The bond between Mahomet and Seymour and the school district is an important asset.  I believe that my experience with effective communication will bring new ideas to the board that will strengthen our ability to connect the schools with the community, address and incorporate community concerns and ideas and improve the overall feedback loop on issues that affect our kids every day.

Here are some of my thoughts

Thank you for your support

When people ask me why I’m running for School Board, I always feel compelled to come up with a multifaceted, super complex and thought-provoking answer, full of great quotes and deep thoughts.  Today I am looking out at the snow and that most welcomed sunshine and working with my kids to organize their rooms; not super glamorous, but important none the less.  It gives me time to be contemplative and so the answer to the question of why I’m running for School Board seems simple today.   I’m running because I’m passionate about helping where I can.  I think I have a set of skills that will serve the community well, and I’d like the opportunity to do just that.   I’d like the opportunity to be your representative on the School Board.  To me, that means connecting with you, the community, the kids, the teachers, and be your voice for things that are important to you within our schools.  I will bring with me a focus on listening to your concerns and doing my best to balance and represent all the voices that have important things to say about how we educate our kids.  Thank you for the opportunity to “interview” with all of you for this important position, and I look forward to our upcoming discussions on how I can earn your vote!

I have a project at my house that is driving me crazy right now. I have this grand plan to hang all of the artwork that my boys have made on a wall in my upstairs loft. It’s a project I’ve had on my plate for some time now. So far, I have all the artwork framed and the next step is to hang it. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it. However, I am stuck. I am dying to finish this project. Part of me wants to just start hammering away and be done, but I know that approach will end in folly. What I really need to do is cut out templates of all my frames and arrange them on the wall so I have a plan and know exactly how it’s going to look. Then I need to decide; do I use nails, command strips, picture hangers? It may end up being a combination of all of those when I’m done, because I have all sorts of different sized and weighted frames and not all of those hangers can support the same combination of those things. So, in my procrastination, I have been thinking about the importance of planning and choosing the right tools. My process background won’t let me just dive into this project without a plan and without knowing what tools are the right ones for the job. Process and tool selection are vital when taking on any task. I thought about this as I talked to another parent the other day and they were explaining to me their child’s frustration with their homework. The homework was supposed to be done on their Chromebook, but the rollout of that was problematic. The format of the homework was not in a form that was easily accomplished on the screen. What would have taken 20 minutes on a paper worksheet, took over an hour on the Chromebook. It begs the question, are we using the right tool for this particular task? I love technology, it is a fabulous tool, but like all tools it is only effective if it’s the right tool for the job. A focus on how our processes work and how we select our tools is one I will bring to the School Board if elected. I think this viewpoint is important so that we can set the right priorities and then set up processes that ensure our teachers and students are supported and successful. There is nothing better than accomplishing a goal and knowing you had the right tool for the job. I hope you have a successful Sunday, now please excuse me, I’m off to cut out frame templates. 😊